Update! And Baby Room Projects

I haven’t been so consistent about blogging lately. The months of May and June have been very full, not to mention that they’ve flown by. At the beginning of May, we moved to a duplex in a more family-friendly area closer to our church. Since then, ants have also moved into our kitchen (that have now mostly been killed or otherwise averted, although a few have lived on 😦 ), my mom visited over mother’s day weekend, we painted the baby’s room, and we’ve enjoyed our mini-grill a couple times.

One weekend in June, our town had a city-wide garage sale weekend where basically a bunch of people have garage sales. We drove to a neighborhood nearby and walked around looking for baby things that we might need. We found a dresser for cheap that was nice other than it needed some TLC. See below for pictures.
Baby Dresser Before

And then John sanded it, painted, and put new handles on the drawers.

Baby Dresser After

You can also see the color that we painted the baby’s room. It’s called “Simply Gray” at Lowes. We love it because, as you can kind of see from the bright yellow dresser, that we are decorating with the three primary colors and the three secondary colors. Since those are bright colors, the neutral gray background allows the colors to pop. Okay, so my husband is way better at that kind of stuff, I just didn’t want to decorate with boring pale yellows, greens, and blues that you normally see in baby stuff. We also have a jigsaw puzzle theme going in the room. Most of that stuff is homemade decorations, in particular, my husband woodworking some jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Well, that’s all for now. I need to get going on my own baby projects, not to mention we need some more ideas for puzzle decorations. Comment if you have any ideas!

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